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Even though Peter Pan was first written more than a century ago, the beloved fairy character from the story is still among the most popular Halloween costume choices.

You can find Tinkerbell Halloween costumes to fit every age and can even dress up this favorite fairy Halloween costume with some fun accessories.

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The Younger Kids

Little girls love the idea of dressing up in a pretty dress with wings so she can fly around in a magical world. That’s why Tinkerbell Halloween costumes are particularly popular among the kids and even some teens.

Disney Faeries Tinker Bell Child Costume

For girls, you can choose one of the more traditional costumes, such as the Disney Faeries Tinker Bell Child Costume. The light green dress even shows off a picture of the original Peter Pan character as depicted in the original Disney version of the story. And, of course, no fairy Halloween costume would be complete without a pair of dazzling wings.

Of course, some girls may want to dress up in a more contemporary costume. In that case, they may prefer the costume featured in Tink and the Fairy Rescue. The green color and wings are the same but the style is a little more modern. Plus, you can find matching costumes for the other two main fairies featured in the film: Vidia and Silvermist. Three little girls could make an adorable trio of fairies trick or treating together.

Fairy Wand

Any young Tinkerbell will look precious but you can make their outfits a little more adorable by adding some accessories, such as green tights (a must if you will be outdoors on a chilly October night) and a fairy wand.

Infant Tinkerbell

But these costumes aren’t just for toddlers and little girls, you can even find an Infant Tinkerbell costume perfect for the new arrival in the family who doesn’t want to miss out on Halloween. You can also find a slightly sexier version of the fairy’s costume for teen girls, too.

Grown-Up Costumes

metallic spin on the original

Tinkerbell Halloween costumes may be popular with the younger audiences but they are also a hit with adults. You can find something very traditional such as the Tinker Bell Deluxe Costume or a more metallic spin on the original.

In fact, some women might prefer a different fairy Halloween costume altogether such as the Sequined Sprite costume. This short green dress almost looks more appropriate for the dance club than for a Halloween party but when paired with some pixie wings you’ll definitely be able to catch the eye of your perfect Peter Pan.

Unhappily Everafter Tinkerspell

Of course not all fairies are as sweet and innocent looking as Tinker Bell. You might want to choose the Unhappily Everafter Tinkerspell costume instead. With ragged wings and dress, this fairy looks like she’s gotten into a few tough spots and might not be someone to mess with. You can flesh out the look with some torn fishnet stockings.

No matter which grown-up version of this classic character you choose one thing you’ll definitely need to complete the look is fairy dust or, as those of us in the human world know it: glitter. You can use a roll-on iridescent glitter to cover your skin with glitter and to give you that sparkle no matter where you are at the party. It’s the perfect addition to Tinkerbell Halloween costumes of all styles.

Pairing Up Costumes

Captain  Hook

While the fairy Halloween costume is great on its own, you can also make it work well if you are going with a date or as part of a group. No Tinker Bell should ever be too far away from her Peter Pan so couples might consider that pairing.

If you like the bad boys a little more than the ones who never want to grow up, you could also have your date dress up like Captain Hook. For a girl’s only Halloween excursion, you could combine Tinkerbell Halloween costumes with Wendy of Neverland or Tiger Lilly costumes.

No matter how many years pass the popularity of these Tinkerbell Halloween costumes never seems to fade. Thankfully, plenty of possibilities are available to make any future fairy happy.



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