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It's easy to do-it-yourself with these creative Halloween costume ideas for kids! Why not build one together this year?

Here you can search lots of super unique kid halloween costumes!

Lots of visitors from all over the world have contributed their Unique Halloween Costume to this section. As you enjoy and find inspiration from the ideas here, take a moment and submit your own Unique Halloween Costume. You'll be taking part in creating the Web's "coolest" costume ideas resource that's ALWAYS FREE for everyone to enjoy!

A Devilishly Good Egg

Unique Halloween Costume IdeasTurn your little angel into a deviled egg with one of these unique Halloween costume ideas that's just right for babies, toddlers, and even big kids!

1. Start with the egg white. You can make it with a white sweatshirt that is too large for your child for a very quick and easy way to get started. Position the sweatshirt on your child's head so she is looking through the neck hole. Use a marker to designate an even length that ends just above the child's knee. The back will hang higher than the front, but make your line even from front to back.

2. Remove the shirt from your child. Cut along the line that you drew while the costume was in position.

3. Use a sturdy needle to thread a length of white yarn through the entire bottom edge of the costume, about one inch from the cut you made. Once the costume is on, you can tighten this drawstring slightly to create the rounded egg shape.

4. To make the horns, use red fabric. Cut out 5" long banana shaped pieces, four in all, and sew three sides together of each pair, leaving one short end open. Stuff each horn with cotton or similar filler. Sew the remaining edge shut so that you have a flat bottom seam (not pointed as the other end should be). Sew the horns to the costume as shown.

5. Cut a forked tail from the same fabric. It should be about 1" wide, but the length will depend on your child's height. Sew it into the "tail" of the costume.

6. Add yellow tights for the perfect finishing touch to these unique Halloween costume ideas!


Unique Halloween Lego My Costume!

Lego Kid Halloween CostumeYour budding engineer or building block fan will love this choice of unique Halloween costume ideas for kids! Putting this one together is a snap!

1. To start, find a box that fits your child. A cardboard box will work beautifully. You want it to fit his torso in a way that is similar to the photo. You'll need a second box to make the head piece.

2. Use packing tape to seal all of the seams completely shut. You want the box to be as sturdy as possible. Do the same thing for the matching hat.

3. Next, cut a hole in one end that is big enough for his head. Don't over do it – you can always make it bigger if you find that you need to. Add two arm holes close to the top as shown.

4. Cut the bottom completely out of both the bottom of the body portion and the bottom of the hat. Reinforce all edges with packing tape.

5. Have your child try the box on for fit. Use a pencil to notate any changes in the size of the holes before removing the costume and adjust the cut. (Do NOT cut the box with your child inside of it!)

6. Select six large empty cans for the body piece and four for the top. Arrange the cans on the blocks as shown. (The hat pegs sit in a square with one in each corner).

7. Use hot glue to attach the cans to the boxes. You may need to reinforce the glue with duct tape. If you are unsure of how will it will stay, add the duct tape before painting.

8. Spray paint the blocks with the color of your child's choice. Allow to dry.

9. To wear the costume, select clothing to wear underneath that matches the color of the building blocks. To make the hat fit, wear a baseball hat backwards – the brim should add stability. You may need to add paper clips or safety pins to keep it from sliding off.

These great unique Halloween costumes ideas for kids are so much fun to make. Kids will love the original designs and you'll both love working together to create a costume like no other one on the block!





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