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Valentine's Day doesn't have to be all about paper hearts and chocolate candies.

Try these Valentine party ideas and party items for a new way to celebrate that favorite and familiar holiday that celebrates love!

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Valentine Day Party Invitations

Valentine Party InvitationsWhether your valentine's day will be adult parties for a huge gathering of people, an intimate handful, a Valentine's party for kids, our valentines day party invitations will save the day, sending loving requests to celebrate a special Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Shuffleboard

This playful version of an old favorite will be a fun addition to your Valentine party ideas. Best of all, this game is easily adapted for players of all ages!

To prepare, use thin construction paper to create a large heart. If you connect multiple papers together, keep seams as flat and smooth as possible. Once you've got the correct shape, draw progressively smaller versions inside to create a bull's eye of heart shapes. Give each level a point value, with the center having the highest score. After you've completed the design, tape the heart to a smooth, hard floor. Make sure that the edges are all held down firmly.

Valentine Party Game - The Day is RedTo play the game, provide players with individually wrapped chocolate kiss candies. Position them behind a starting point – closer for younger players and further away for older ones – and have players slide the kisses across the floor with the aim of hitting the bull's eye. The unusual shape of the chocolate kiss candy will add to the challenge because if they tip off of the flat surface they'll roll wildly in all directions, undoubtedly skewing the point system. This Valentine Day party idea is a simple one that will provide plenty of fun!

I also like this printable valentine party game of The Day is Red.

Sweet Sayings

Valentine fun candy triviaIf your guests are familiar with candy hearts with little sayings on them such as "Be Mine" or "Call Me" then this game is for them! Decorate a small box and put a slot in the top. Stack a few slips of paper and a pencil nearby and invite guests to come up with new sayings for candy hearts. Make it more challenging by limiting the number of letters guests can use in their message, and then let the party guests vote for the best new candy motto.

Here is the printable version of Valentine fun candy trivia game.

Famous Pairs

This game is another example of Valentine party ideas for groups of all ages, and it couldn't be simpler to play! All you need to do is make a list of famous pairings that are age appropriate for your guests. For example, a list including "peanut butter and jelly" might be appropriate for young children while the names of celebrity couples are ideal for teens or adults. Divide guests into teams or let them play individually, and then name just one member of the pair. In the previous example, you might name "peanut butter" and wait for a guest to call out "jelly!" The player who matches the most pairs correctly wins.

Here is the printable version of the Famous pairs word scramble.

Balloon Pop

You can't have a Valentine's Day party without red, white, and pink party balloons, and now you can use them to finish your party off with a bang!

Prior to the party, when you blow up the balloons, pour confetti in each one. Choose just one or two to fill with a different color from the others (these will be the winning balloons). At the end of the party, ask each guest to choose a balloon. Then have them tie the balloons to one ankle with a length of ribbon or string. Shorter lengths make the game more difficult but if they're too long they will tangle easily, so aim for a distance of 12" or less from the foot.

The object of the game is to try to pop everyone else's balloon without allowing your own to break. Players should try to pop balloons by stomping on them, and the player who breaks a balloon with the special confetti wins! What a great celebratory ending to your Valentine party ideas!

For more extra fun, you can use these creative adult valentine party games and valentine school party games.

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Take some of these tidbits to craft a fresh and frisky Valentine Day party idea and you're sure to have a fabulous party worth celebrating!

Here, you can find more colorful and fun Valentine party games.



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