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Do you want to be a princess of a different kind? Are you longing for a costume that makes you feel stronger (less sweet), but still, maybe even more, feminine? Then take a look at the warrior princess costumes.

It is a popular choice as it shows far more power than any other type. This demands attention and shows that you are a force to be reckoned with.

Power and Control

Warrior Princess Adult Costume

If you truly want something to set you apart, then opt for the Warrior Princess Adult Costume. This shows that you are in control and that you are there to kick some butt!

The fitted black bodice, together with the mini skirt, is all about celebrating your great curves. The red cape coupled with the wrist cuffs show off that you have some real power in you. On the top of all those effects, it gives you some kind of sassy twist, which makes this outfit perfect for young women!

There are plenty of princess costumes out there to choose from, but the warrior princess Halloween costumes are in a category all their own. No matter which type of warrior princess costume you select, there are a few elements that are an absolute must:

  • The fitted bodice to show that you are a warrior fighter with gorgeous curves.
  • The cuffs for the wrists as the primitive form of jewelry that shows power
  • The best accent of all in the Roman Tan Adult Sandals that make every woman feel sensual
  • Basing on the style of your costume, the long flowing cape might a good option to make your outfit perfect as a real warrior.

A Warrior Princess with a funny twist

Warrior Adult Costume

After the popularity of Shrek many women gravitated towards the Shrek Forever After Deluxe Princess Fiona Warrior Adult Costume. She is an extraordinary princess with power and action, humor and charm.

While you may not want to dress up as a big green monster, this costume offers a nice solution. You get the look and feel of Fiona in the green skirt and braided red hair, but show off a subtle amount of skin with the short skirt and tight top. Perfect balance!

The Warrior Princess Costumes give you a great way to show off your strength and embrace your femininity, to get away from the standard princess costume and enjoy creativity at its best. Dress it up with the right pair of hot boots and your inner confidence, and you will be the talk of the party this year!

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15% off $75 or more

15% off $75 or more - thru 9/30 at BuyCostumes.com



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