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There's a reason that the Winnie the Pooh toddler costume is such a popular one. This is such a beloved and classic figure that has been around for years.

Not only that, but this makes for a comfortable and absolutely adorable costume idea—the Child Winnie the Pooh costume is definitely here to stay! I remember looking at my little boy and wondering what we could dress him up in for his first Halloween.

Then a light bulb went off in my head and I thought of the perfect solution— the Winnie the Pooh Infant/Toddler Costume was it!


Super Cute for Any Age

The thing is that we're so used to certain costumes looking a certain way, and part of the charm of this Winnie the Pooh toddler costume is that it is comfortable to wear, and recognizable, even for the younger kids. You would love to put your cute little one into that cute little yellow bear costume with the big red apron that says “Pooh”, and let it bring you back to your childhood.

Tigger Infant Costume

I wanted once to incorporate one of my favorite characters of this fun children's cartoon and so I looked into what sort of options there were for Tigger the fun loving tiger. Imagine my surprise and elation when I found this cute little number—the Tigger Infant Costume was the one for us!

He looked so cute and got so many compliments, and it made for the perfect first Halloween for him!


Frilly Piglet Toddler Costume Though your initial instinct may be that the Winnie the Pooh toddler costume is a bit more geared towards the infant set, you'll find some great derivations. That means that there are some great costume ideas inspired by it and so you will find some of the Child Winnie the Pooh costume ideas that are outside of the box a bit.

Consider if you have a little girl who wants something inspired by Winnie the Pooh but perhaps a bit more grown up and maybe more girlie. Voila—when you see the Frilly Piglet Toddler Costume , you will fall in love!

Tips for Customizing It

As you can see there is some sort of Winnie the Pooh toddler costume for everyone. Kids of every age love this theme and therefore with a bit of imagination you can customize it however you want.

These days you can find costumes in every character such as Eeyor, Tigger, and Piglet and they can be made for infants or the more grown up children. It's tons of fun to dress your little one up and watch them transform into their favorite character. They will be the hit of the trick-or-treating!

Frilly Winnie the Pooh Child Costume

Don't rush into getting only the classic Child Winnie the Pooh costume, recognize that there are plenty of derivations that are sure to fit their personality.

If you want to make your little girl feel a bit more feminine, then try for the Frilly Winnie the Pooh Child Costume. She will love it because it's all about her favorite character and yet it's oh so girlie! This was a slam dunk with our little girl as it balanced the best of both worlds!

Your kids will adore this theme and you can find the perfect costume to fit their personality. Just tune into what sort of Winnie the Pooh toddler costume is a match for their age, their gender, their personality, and their taste and you can come up with something adorable. A classic theme can go a long way and that's why this is such a hit—have fun out there!

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15% off $75 or more

15% off $75 or more - thru 9/30 at



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