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With all of the excitement leading up to graduation and the amount of work you put into planning the celebration that follows, determining the graduation invitation wording is probably not at the top of your list of concerns.

Still, no matter how busy you get, you need to forget about those anonymous fill-in-the-blank cards.

A really special party starts with an one-of-a-kind graduation invitation that is created with the graduate in mind. Use these wording for graduation party invitations below for a thoughtful head start on this once-in-a-lifetime event!

Personality Rules

Graduation Party Invitation Sample

Think about the type of person that your graduate is, and let the wording for graduation party invitations reflect that.

Consider these examples:

  • For the studious and the serious, formal wording is something they'll likely appreciate. After years of studying and hard work, serious students tend to hold their achievements in the highest regard, and your invitation should honor that. For example, "Please join us as we convene to honor the academic achievements of (full name), awarded a diploma of (honor / degree) from (school) on this day, the (number) of (month), (year, written formally in words)."
  • For a fun-loving graduate that rarely wears a serious face, let your graduation invitation wording reflect and celebrate the merriment of their persona. For example, "(Name) did it! Join us on (date, time) at (location) as we welcome (name) out into the real world!"
  • If your graduate barely made the walk across the stage and kept you guessing until the last minute, it's okay to poke fun as long as they have a sense of humor. "We can't believe it, but (name) actually graduated! When the shock wears off, come on over and celebrate with us!" In more extreme cases, something like this may be in order: "Third time's a charm! (Name) has finally earned a diploma! You've got to see this to believe it!"

Where Are They Going?

When you are crafting wording for graduation party invitations, you can really make it special by taking into account where the graduate is headed. Look at these examples:

  • If your high school graduate is headed off to college, make him proud by naming his new school. "Join us as we say goodbye to (high school) and welcome the newest member of (college), class of (anticipated year of college graduation)!"
  • When your college grad is going out into the work force, use the wording for graduation party invitations to help her announce her new job or internship. "Our favorite graduate, (name), is the newest member of the team at (job)! Join us as we celebrate her graduation and congratulate her as she moves forward in life!"
  • Even the littlest grads are excited about moving on. Don't forget to share the exciting news when preschoolers move to a "real" school, or when middle school students take that meaningful leap to high school. For a preschooler, "(Name) is ready for the big yellow bus! Please join us as we celebrate her graduation from (preschool)!" Middle school students heading to high school probably prefer less fanfare, but will have a hard time hiding a big grin at taking this big step toward adulthood. "(Name) has graduated from (middle school)! Join us as we congratulate the newest member of (high school), class of (anticipated year of high school graduation)."

What Kind of Party Is It?

Finally, build your graduation party invitation wording around the kind of party you're throwing. Sometimes simple word choice will convey your message neatly without requiring a lot of detail.

  • Open house? Invite guests to "drop in anytime between (start time) and (end time)" on your party day. This allows flexibility on the part of your guests (who are often invited to multiple graduation events all at once) and will hopefully serve the dual purpose of keeping everyone from arriving at the same.
  • If you're hosting a sit-down dinner, be sure to let guests know they need to be there for the meal. "Hors d'ourves will be served until seating begins at (time)."
  • Hosting a buffet? "The buffet opens at (time) and closes when the food runs out!"

After you get what you want for your wording for graduation party invitations, it's time to think about using these special unique graduation announcements by designers.




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